Silence calls me king

I have never stopped parading these sentences

Since the day I realized the value of my true say


This mouth a wound

Life an angry barrel

Picked from a battlefield


I’ve never known what it means to be tight-lipped

When the empty comes crawling at my feet

Beseeching me to lend her some voice


To give a portion of my devotion

I entrusted her more than what’s asked

I offered her some bones

I offered her some flesh

I offered her some color

I offered her some feet


The quiet wind whispers again

I disseminate her word to the earthlings

Each letter a gateway to someplace young


A thousand eyes glare when I utter

I have never known what it means to be silent

When the heart arrives with a hefty “payload


I say I am here, take these towels for your tears

My eyes and ears are listening

My heart and mouth, consciously loaded