Tainted smiles

Oblivion brewing

The sky awaits in dismay

Crippled, please save her


Her heart bends like iron

Trying to protect her dying innocence

She drowns, in a blood-stained puddle

Moist, a certain unkindness illuminating

Redeem her now before she kills herself


Her soul is in a skirmish

Flames leaking from her maw

Let her breathe

Let her calm

Let her exist

Let her be


Tomorrow promises to believe her

She’ll be saved before the crows land

Time might be her nemesis

She is me, she is you

This achieves be likely

Are we unsuited to life


Tiny thorns in the vase

Caressed by animosity

Pointing at the stars

Look, do you see them


A new odds arrives

To cleanse her tongue

To cleanse her sanity

To cleanse her spirit

To cleanse her eyes


A gift in a sack, a seed

Waiting patiently for

A new opening