Sun child

Dance with the wind

Breathe, sweep the dirt off your ears

Don’t listen to the loveless symphony

Humble your heart, teach it how to love truly


Need your sunlight more your darkness

Lick every wound on your soft and crescent skin

Acknowledge yesterday and allow yourself to look forth

You must not forget you have a voice

You must not forget you have wings


Follow your heart into the daylight

You are a seed that hungers

Walk shoulder to shoulder with the ones you love

Teach us how to be, how to touch our own truth

Dare to speak in the chest of these opened skies

Dare to glare in the eyes of these opened wounds


Dare to be

Dare to feel

Dare to exist

Take the sky’s water with you

You are a thousand seeds, ready


You are here, for us

Place a sunflower on every word you speak

Turn every stone, but take no anger with you

Don’t change with the weather, you are a sun only

Trust your heart and follow your glint


And when you arrive

There will be food on every table

Love in every heart

A roof on every head


Here you will find, you

Waiting on you.