This shame you carry

Heavy on your mouth

Let’s share it, in both speaking and silence


I am present, dressed to listen

Fetch the emptiness out of you I will

If we must be, you must comprehend my truth too


I will pick your abandoned from your shoulder

Raise it as mine, saunter to earth’s end with it

Sing it a lullaby, comb its tangled voice and make it neat

But you must know, I will not take your anger and make it mine

I pray you don’t vomit questions on my love,

And in case you do, remember


My love respects

My love knows humiliation

My love has barbwires around it

My love does not take what’s not mine

My love loves but keeps an eye on tomorrow


My love dares to stay

My love asks questions

My love needs time to heal

My love knows the sky might be the limit

My love loves you, but does your love love me too?