Punch me with your words

Punch me with your sword

Punch me with your brick in my mouth

With your two-piece ego and drowning claws


Bang me with your fistful of lies

With your dirty flags shoved in my throat

Cut me, with your sharpened two-edged blade

With your love that runs smooth like honey

And your skin that gropes as elegant as silk


Remember we are green

So must our love be rough and rebellious

The city burns in our headlines tonight, so

Let’s use rage to paint the beauty of our lust

Raw like the oceans that drown their tongues


Do you think we know love? And if yes

What is it that you think we know about love,

Except for her name and how our bodies burn?


Beat me with your shaft, in my face

Till I bleed like a fountain, high and dry 

Drink a song, a poem in the beauty of my gunk

Shake that disease of youthfulness in my bed

I love you and Valentine ain’t got shit on us!

V for vengeance, for all the nights, spent apart!


Mortar my heart and hit it with a shovel now

Hard, rough, shaggy, uneven, rhythmless

Until every prison, I keep swoons 

I promise not to tell our mothers


The pedestrians

They will stare at our burns

Let them call it for what it is

A tea kettle on a stove 

A classical madness 

Rock and roll

Crazy shit!


Again, fight me with your love

Your jealous honesty and your sweet smile

Confuse me with your lust, your shredded skin

Build a bridge with my downside, walk on it

Ask me to stoop low as you conquer my being

Let’s cheers to this youthful madness we call love!


Then punch me again, like 

How love punches a heart

In all the right places, Oh!

Say it, how enjoyably it hurts

Keep a poem between your teeth

Drink it the next time someone honors you less


Remember I love you first?

And that you smudged at me for saying it first?

That all in all, this was yours to be told first?

In Amsterdam, before any other place first?


Punch me

For all that seems to be for love

Punch me

For all that seems to be for lust

Punch me

For all that seems to be our juvenescence

Punch me

For all that seems to be of certainty right now 


It’s your name on the skin of my skies

It’s my kiss on the fields of your lips

So say it now, say it loud for every ear to hear

As we dawdle in these white sheets tonight

As we burn our bodies together, for love.