The sun will swoon in

Here, after all these days have wept rain

You will pick yourself from the barren you sit

You will spill a smile on yourself, rub it all over


You will assemble to meet yourself arriving

You will greet yourself at your entrance

With your own keys


You will dance in the open veranda 

You will come in, to your own house

You will quench your own thirst

You will sit on your own lounge

You will eat cake, red velvet 

The one you’ve made

With your own hands


You will love yourself

Before a stranger, you will become

You will be unavailable to the world

Because you are very occupied

Meeting yourself

Giving your heart back to yourself 


All these wounds

All these wounds you’ve kept

To spend on another, you will bury them here

Where your sunflowers could never bloom


You will forgive them

For what they couldn’t be 

You’ll throw new seeds 

Into the womb of the earth 


You will praise your eyes

You will massage your tired feet

You will wipe your mouth for all it’s dropped

You will scrub your skin and lotion it good

With the light that shines through your walls


You will dress in your own clothes

Walk to the bookshelf in your living room

You will pick every letter that now lays 

Blanketed in dust, you will toss them away


You will look into the mirror

Where yourself you will greet

You will peel this boy from his shadow

You will wear him immediately 

Before a stranger, he will be


You will sit down, with yourself 

You will break bread, with yourself 

You will pour yourself a glass of fine wine

You’ll say cheers, you’ll feast on your own life.