Tell it you love it

Then neglect it to be alone and rot

With the stench of your absence 

Throw a blanket on its green 


Starve it from its air

Question its genuinity 

Curse it for being kind, shiny

Drain the moist out of its roots

Smack an axe into its stomach

And accuse it of not being enough

Enough for you and your stingy ego 


Hide your tissues

So when it cries it flows like a river

Until it’s high enough to drown itself

Sit by the window and keep an eye

On its deterioration as you laugh hard


Undo your deeds

Let your promises wither 

When it asks for water tell it to suck its pillows

Pick it by the leg and drag it into the darkness 

Flog it until it bleeds, until it turns black & blue

Turn around, tell it you are wrong for loving it


-(With tears in my eyes, I said)-

That is how you kill a thing that lives

That is how you kill a thing that lives 

That is how you kill a heart that loves.