This child grows into a man

Finds his mind and his tribe

Grape berries dry into raisins

And the taste feels different

Love lies, sleeping in the coffins

This is coffee, this is life unshelled


Tomorrow is never promised

The day will come to change us all

Don’t you have eyes that sees this far?


We are all going to die someday?

Isn’t that enough to care for one another?

Isn’t that enough to make one humble?

Isn’t that enough to make one honest?

Isn’t that enough to end these battles?


Cultural crumbs

Veins of the past

Colors that still live

You cannot tie your shoelaces

Unless you wear those shoes

Feel the strength of time breathing

Shapeshifting through emotions


These seeds of now

These thoughts in the minds

These changes that breathe

These questions that lives

The way we live life answers it all


And dear God

If you can hear my heart

Give me the knowledge

To understand and accept

The things I cannot understand.