Unwritten thoughts

One by one they escape

Splitting, crawling, shrinking within

Tears slapping the skin, tight like drums

The big man standing over the small man


Give us youth

We’ve prayed

Then make us watch ourselves decay

Would you, call this blessing a mistake

Skin running, aging fast like an avocado

Eternal self leaving, to heaven’s shores



You and me


New wounds opening fiercely

Kiss my lonely on the forehead

Load your love, your strength in a luggage

Keep them as souvenirs for your beloveds

Wish the oceans and the forests goodbye


Pray for saving, nothing more

Youthfulness is a one time gift

Fuel your living with remembering

To remember this

Pray for rain

For more rain


That your seeds find their soils

Sing an ode for your fleeting beauty

This body that is both man and woman

Become a child, let your grand babies feed you

You’ve planted all your seeds, now you harvest


When the morning comes

Welcome yourself home

You are just moonlight

Wings surrending

A melted butterfly

Fleeting home.