And so the slaves sing songs at midnight

And their masters children wander the meanings of the songs they sing

And to them those songs were never to come true

As they listen to their voices like thunder slicing the chest of the skies

To them the slaves are another words to describe wild beast

To them the slaves belong to the first decade of the human existence

To them the slaves are animals wrapped in ebony with no heart and feelings

And so they closely watch and listen

As their hearts become baked with pain and smiles

Hear their songs in the oxygen we breathe

Yelling like children crying for their departed mothers

And their feelings mixed with salty tears we cry

As they feel their hearts splitting from their bodies

And their baptized names not sounding like names to them

And so the negro slaves sing songs at midnight

Feel the lost scent of their cheap perfumes

As they indulge themselves in nostalgic memories

Memories that gladdens their hearts with smiles as their eyes fall tears

And so they sing with every strength, with every power in their souls

In a voice so sweet and clear

That dictates their masters children to listen with glee

And as the sun unveils itself from the caves

The slaves pray and wait for the rising moon

And for the evening gale

And as the sun goes to sleep, it awakens the moon from its sleep

And again the negro slaves will pancake their tragedies into songs

Into new chapters of heart penetrating sufferings with verses from pain

And at midnight they sing every rhythm of their struggles

And cause their masters children to wake up and listen

Reaching the windows of their bedrooms from time to time

Like airs that breathe from paradise

Upon a world of crime

Eyes like a falcon’s gray

And on their lips there played a smile.