We ripped out so much of ourselves to be here

Praying loud with our feet buried up in the sand

Forced time to host our thorn, worn out hearts

Sitting by the fireplace on cold winter evenings

Reminding ourselves how all of this began

We are children of God, dressed in ourselves only

Our hearts, our bodies were given to us once

What we do with them, no man must interfere

But man grows curiosity out of what others do

Allergic to seeing happiness on their neighbor’s face

So they eavesdrop on our silence, unalarmed

To flesh the bones of rumors on every tongue

A lot of them asked that we pray ourselves away

Hide beneath the colors of our “innocent-quilt”

Remember us not, we remembered everything

Heartstrings pulling out to form a web of hate

We are the foods we eat but can’t pronounce

Eyes, that were promised forever

Hands that have touched the colors in the wind

Now sinking in our own hellos

Their soaps can’t wash away who we are

The rains will pour and we will remain whole

A spoonful of life, a taste that will fills their noses

Expanding colors of our emotions like rainbows

Rebel hearts, that’s what we are

Unfolding from the hate invested into our world

But like life, we will rise like the sunflowers

Stand firm on this universe like their own houses

They can’t hide anywhere, they must live within us

Proudly letting ourselves be.