It’s all but shame now

The bottomless that feeds the other hand 

And the spider webs that cement marriages of

Some men and women who spite each other

But veil their anger with a pretentious smile 


But Nelleke 

You and only you have vanished, completely

The nights have put a face on your savings 

On all your denial of the wrong, to your mother

But! She who has birthed you knows you

Too well, too well enough to see the now 


It sickens me down into my stomach, that

In a field where every wrong repeats itself

More than just twice, more than just twice

That you could shelter a war so warmly

Budgeting your tomorrow into someone 

whose eyes are drunk, on another 


And Nelleke 

There are always new people to meet

Voices of new lovers needful of hearing, you

Must not starve on a lover’s leftover disease 

And make your heart one that improvises

For fear of what, a new beginning?