I am still trying to raise myself

On the shores of my father closer to his soils

Manuring my bones with the strength in his voice

Leaning on footsteps and soulful bones of his time

To let my young spirit be as glorious as my rising being

Or let my cocooning self run deep as the brave lagoons

Hosting nothing on my tongue but praises for my home

Standing whole, like the roots of a baobab true

Let it be know, that I am home with my heart

I am only a black boy with Mandinka in his mouth

Defenseless, yet armed with only words and brave voices

Eating himself out of everything this world still throws out

On all the different skins, standing here, smiling with a tear

Sailing my double ships on the storms, wild and unafraid

I hope you know the humans are unhealthy to their world

Their soap can’t wash away the pains in our eyes

Behind closed doors they can’t know who we are

We are everyone living across everything sun-full

We are bone and flesh and blood of our true home.