I am still a brother, waiting on the shores, finding my true soul family.

Where do you come from?

Who are your parents?

Which social class do you belong?

What’s the color of your skin?

That don’t matter here

We are a family connected by souls

Of me, of you, of our togetherness, our true tribe

Soul people finding each other, that’s our quest

Our bodies made of instruments of our true God

Assembling us on our feet, people of a soul

Who are unkillable as the souls they share

Reaching out to the foods in the skies, together

Our spirituality is not forgotten by time

I see your long searching eyes

And your heart built out of gold, just like mine

As your humaneness reaches out to hold others

This universe is one house

The true universe is in us, let’s birth it now

The truth is, what I need, you need it too

We are not only humans, we are so much more

Us soul people must find one another

Raise our tribe, be brothers and sisters

Be true to ourselves thus fulfilling our humanity.