The bubbles in my heart are busting away

Thoughts escaping like balloons in the thin air

Whiles I sit on my bed of thoughts

Sipping gingered tea like rain


My father says I need to invest into my tomorrow

So I gave it all my feet, sweat, sunshine and smiles

A bit of honey to sweeten the journey

But then love came and I turned blind

And maybe I forgot why I am here?

Gave it everything I’ve never given the sun

My face, my smiles and my voice in the air

Nostalgic in my way of giving my sun rays

Hosting all these emotions on my shoulders

Shapeshifting into everything my lover desires

I became a puppet who wears strings inside


But now I sit on my bed of thoughts

With a thousand questions serenading on my lips

A thousand marinated thoughts for my tomorrow

Will it flow easy?

Will my choices blind me?

Will I be an insomniac?

Will I find enough in who I become?

Who will hold my hands and walk with me?

Am I lost in a river of thoughts and visions?

Or is it a journey of a boy set on the loops?