Smiles as beautiful as the peacock’s tail

I fell in love’ with your grin yesterday

On the highway, I was

Riding on Sayed’s bike,

This was after I sent,

My heart to live in the grave,

And said I wouldn’t let a smile fool me again

Love’ gleefully started bleeding on the highway


Man on a uniform

You shoveled my heart from the dead

Joyfully stabbed it with an effortless smile

Here I am today, joyously

Wearing the smile you gave me

Arrest me with your smile

If your smiles means love

I’ll stay there forever, haha


You make love’ feel like a simple smile

One that’s lastingly tattooed in the mind

I think I feel this sensational lust, over

This uniformed man on the highway

He smiled so bright in my face

That my heart started dancing again.