He said,

I’ve spent so many nights praising the blooms

Between sky and sand, wishing upon a star

Waiting for you to touch me dearly in the heart

Thinking of you adds so much color to my days

But tell me softly, do we see the same sunrise?


I know your laughter will fuel a house full

With the kind of love, I shall live to tell

Telltale on what happens in today’s world

Before the void and I tell on each other again


Darling, in my heart I feel

The beginning to something new

A womb full of dreams living in my eyes

Promising something so dear and so precious.


          … And so, she sights, as if to say

Lungful sentences don’t make up for some void

I bet you toast these marinated lines to everyone

I’ve spent so much time with poems and ex lovers

To not know what winter feels like


There is never a beginning to something new

Always the same o same tale breathing again

Some magnet searching for a slim metal to own?


My eyes are curious, my heart is still behind veils

So I’ll leave the back door opened, sometimes

So I can tell you about my laughter

My oozes and my burning stars

Before the void and I tell on each other too


But sweetheart,

I see so many words spoken

And not enough ground to house them all.